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Kids with Cerebral Palsy in a League of Their Own

March 25, 2014
Category: Cerebral Palsy
As a young child, Paul was used to watching his twin brother, Larry, play ice hockey. As much as Paul, too, wanted to lace up his skates and get out there on the ice, he couldn’t. He was sidelined by cerebral palsy and could only watch from the bleachers. That all changed when the family discovered the Colorado Sled Hockey Association. What Is Sled Hockey? Sled hockey was started in 1971 by a group of Norwegian hockey enthusiasts who wanted to bring the thrill of hockey to disabled kids and adults. The sport was introduced in the United States in 1989, in Minnesota. The more...

Cerebral Palsy Can’t Hold Artist Back

March 25, 2014
Category: Cerebral Palsy
Just because cerebral palsy restricts mobility does not mean it has to restrict creativity. One need only to look at the award-winning artwork of high school student Ceprecia Crow to see how creative vision and inspiration can overcome any disability. While Ceprecia has cerebral palsy, which makes it challenging to grip a paintbrush or any small object, she uses a combination of patience and specialized tools to get the job done. Ceprecia’s drawing of a giraffe won a regional contest in the special artist category. The piece, titled "Through Chloe’s Eyes," is made up of over 400 individual designs that fill an 18 more...

Sochi Gold Medalist Honors Brother with Cerebral Palsy

March 07, 2014
Category: Cerebral Palsy
Sochi Gold Medalist Honors Brother with Cerebral PalsyAmazing feats, inspiring perseverance, and untiring determination epitomized the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. However, as gold medalist Canadian freestyle skier Alex Bilodeau will tell you, he sees those qualities every day in his brother Frederic who has cerebral palsy. When Alex hoisted his brother over the barrier in a celebratory embrace, he was not only part of the most touching moment of the Sochi games, but he raised awareness for the disability. A Story of Brotherly LoveFrederic Bilodeau was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a young age, but his perseverance and positive attitude — more...

March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month: Show Your Support

February 28, 2014
Category: Cerebral Palsy
What began as Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day has grown into a month long event. The United States Congress officially designated March 25th as CP Awareness Day in 2011, but now across the country people are urged to consider the entire month of March as a time to generate awareness for this widespread condition. CBI is proud to be part of this extended effort to raise awareness, encourage everyone in the US to become more informed about cerebral palsy, and celebrate the lives of people living with this disability. Caused by a lack of oxygen to the infant’s brain during pregnancy, labor, more...

NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies “Draft” Young Boy with Cerebral Palsy

February 07, 2014
The Make-A-Wish Foundation connects children living with disabilities to people and organizations that can make their dreams come true. Recently, its Mid-South chapter gave Charvis Brewer, an eight-year-old basketball fanatic living with cerebral palsy, a chance to work with the Memphis Grizzlies for a day. Charvis Brewer Coaches His Favorite TeamFor one day, Charvis, who cannot walk and uses a wheelchair, joined the Grizzlies live on the court instead of watching them from the living room. Coach Dave Joerger relinquished his whistle, giving it to the boy so he could take over coaching duties for a while. To the amazement more...