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Boy with Cerebral Palsy Plays with Football Team

October 19, 2012
Category: Cerebral Palsy

A Chicago-area boy with cerebral palsy who has spend the last two yeard rabildy following his town's high school football team recently got to live out a dream by ending a game onfield with the team and scoring a touchdown.

Thirteen-year-old Jack McCraw watched every practice and game of the St. Charles Hurricanes since he was 11. The coach of the team, Sean Masoncup, took notice of McCraw - who was born with cerebral palsy - and began talking to his parents about some way to get him involved.

The result was a surprise that took place in the closing minute of a recent game in which the undefeated Hurricanes were leading 29-0. After the opposing team voluntarily turned the ball over on downs, Jack was called on the field for the next play, handed the ball, and allowed to score the final touchdown of the game.

“We actually ran what's called a 27 sweep on the outside---it's about 9 yards for a touchdown and the crowd just went nuts and I went nuts,' said Masoncup, according to MyFoxChicago.

The McCraw’s were thrilled with the play as well, and Jack later expressed his excitement on his blog.

“I was so excited. The other team let us have the ball because there wasn't much time left. I went out there with the guys, my friend Zach handed the ball off to me and I went for it. The other team didn't even try to stop me so it was actually easy to score,” he wrote. “The whole team went onto the field and the cheerleaders too. They were all cheering and the parents were cheering. Even the other team cheered for me. I felt so good.”

"Maybe the Bears will hire me!" he added.

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