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Boy with Cerebral Palsy Runs Race

October 26, 2012

A 15-year-old born with a birth injury that left him unable to walk for some time had not only learned to walk, but was recently able to finish a 10-mile race in 1:44:19.

When Matthew Taylor was born with cerebral palsy, doctors said he would never be able to walk. However, through the use of an internal medical pump to keep his muscles from contracting, he was able to regain movement in his legs and begin walking.

As his therapy continued, Taylor was able to begin running, and eventually led to him competing in events. Most recently, he was able to complete a 10-mile race that was part of the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon events.

"Just how far he's come," said Kim Salkin-Taylor, , Matthew’s mom, according to  CBS-affiliate WCCO. "From losing the ability to walk, to regaining that, to starting running, to training, and he's doing half-marathons."

Matthew added that he intends to eventually complete a full marathon.

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