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Father and Daughter with Cerebral Palsy Finish Triathlon

August 17, 2012

A father and his 13-year-old daughter, who suffers from cerebral palsy, have inspired many after recently completing a triathlon in Michigan together.

Rick and Madison van Beek make headlines this week following their completion of the Sanford and Sun sprint triathlon last Sunday. Rick pulled Madison in a kayak during the swimming portion, pulled her in a cart during the 12.4 mile bike segment, and pushed her in a wheelchair during the 3.1 mile running portion of the race.

"I watched my daughter Maddy being pushed in the Grand Rapids Marathon," Rick said on his blog, according to CBS affiliate KPHO-TV. "To see her being so happy and enjoying every bump in the road was more than I could handle, my emotions took over."

Madison is seriously afflicted with the devastating birth injury and cannot move on her own but loves being outside, according to Rick. To prepare for the race, which they ran to raise money for a number of charities, Rick quit smoking and using chewing tobacco in order to train.

"[Madison] is my heart and I am her legs, though someday she might not physically be able to be there with me, she will always be in my heart, quietly cheering me on," he added.

To learn more about Madison, click here.

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