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Man with Cerebral Palsy Offers Advice to Teens

July 06, 2012
Category: Cerebral Palsy

Zachary Fenell was born with cerebral palsy that has limited his movement for his entire life. However, now at 25-years-old, the Cleveland, OH resident has some advice for teenagers who were born with similar birth injuries and are learning to live with their disabilities: Be yourself.

“Don't be embarrassed. Embrace your disability,” he said, according to the Newburns Sun Journal. “And go find people who are experiencing what you are experiencing.”

Fenell was born with cerebral palsy that left him with a limp, poor hand-eye coordination, and trouble balancing. To further complicate his ability to move, an operation he underwent correct Schuermann’s disease he was diagnosed with at the age of 13 left him with temporary paralysis in his right leg. While the paralysis subsided, the leg has been weakened ever since.

In high school he was regularly embarrassed and attempting to hide his birth injury from classmates. However, after graduating from high school, he decided to become less self-conscious about his disabilities and open up more to those around him when he started at Notre Dame College in the fall.

“I looked at college as a second chance to be open about it,” he said. “My first year, I was actively looking for openings to disclose my disability.”

Now 25-years-old, Fenell has tried to stick with that mindset as a freelance writer about subjects ranging from the Cleveland Indians to disability-related content. In an effort to spread the knowledge he’s learned about living with cerebral palsy, he has also written a book titled “Off Balanced” that encourages teens living with cerebral palsy who are having trouble fitting in.

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