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New York Teen Wins Birth Injury Lawsuit

by Sokolove Law Staff | August 31, 2012

A jury awarded a 17-year-old Staten Island resident more than $103 million as compensation for her premature birth that left her permanently disabled with cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders.

Stephanie Debes alleged in her birth injury lawsuit that medical negligence on part of the staff at Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers led to her disabilities. This primarily occured when hospital staff failed to recognize that her mother was experiencing contractions and eventually had to give birth to Stephanie and her twin sister Amanda after only being pregnant for 25 weeks according to a report.

Stephanie was the first to be born, suffering a number of birth injuries, including cerebral palsy. Amanda was born shortly after her did not suffer any harm. Stephanie sued the medical center eight years ago claiming damages for the medical negligence for her birth injuries, which have left her confined to a wheelchair.

The compensatory amount will be partly paid as a payment and partly paid based on the growth rate of future expenses.

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