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Tyler Perry Buys Van for Girl with Cerebral Palsy

by Sokolove Law Staff | October 11, 2012
Category: Cerebral Palsy

Film and television star Tyler Perry recently came to the financial rescue of a 24-year-old woman with cerebral palsy, buying her a new van after hearing that the one she had owned was stolen.

Alicia Day, who lives in DeKalb, Georgia and is bound to a wheelchair because of her birth injury, used her 2000 Chrysler Town and Country van to get to work and her doctors appointments. However, last weekend the van was stolen from the driveway of the Home Depot she works at.

The local news reported on the robbery, leading to an outpouring of support from many of those around her - Home Depot pledged $5,000 to help pay for her medical expenses. However, after seeing the news report about her, Perry - a native of Georgia - felt inclined to help out as well and get her a new van. According to WSB-TV, Perry personally called Day to tell her about the van she would be recieving.

“My mouth just dropped to the floor when I heard his voice,” Day said.

Cerebral palsy treatment often requires regular medical appointments and medical equipment, many of which can be expensive if they are not covered by insurance. If you or a loved one has a child with a birth injury such as cerebral palsy that may have been callused by medical error, there may be legal actions worth pursuing.

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