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UK Boy with Cerebral Palsy to Carry Olympic Torch

July 20, 2012
Category: Cerebral Palsy

A UK boy who was born with cerebral palsy and hopes to one day be s Paralympian has been selected to carry the 2012 Summer Olympics torch as it makes its way to London to open the games.

Twelve-year-old Matt Cooper recently told the Western Wards Gazette that he was “stunned” and excited when his parents told him he would be carrying the torch. He had initially been nominated to be a torchbearer by the staff at Portchester School.

He added that he had already been getting excited for the London Olympics because of his dream to one day become a Paralympic wheelchair basketball player. He currently plays for Hampshire Hornets wheelchair basketball team.

“I would quite like to take part in the Paralympics because that would be the next step up from carrying the torch,” he said.

Matt has always tried to remain positive about his birth injuries. He also said that whenever he has spoken about his birth injury he makes sure to not limit his discussion only to cerebral palsy, and instead expand the conversation to include all types of disabilities that one may be faced with.

“I think it’s important not just to tell people about cerebral palsy but all disabilities, so they can understand a small bit of what it’s like to be disabled,” he said. “To be honest most people I’ve met with cerebral palsy always have a bit of a groan about it, but I try to look at it from a different perspective. That’s how I get though everyday life.”

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