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Woman with Cerebral Palsy Completes Triathlon

October 02, 2012
Category: Cerebral Palsy

An Ohio woman born with cerebral palsy is refusing to let her birth injury get the best of her, as she has completed a triathlon with the help of some local firefighters despite being unable to walk independently.

Twenty-one-year-old Veronika “Niki” Zbrizher, a junior at Wright State University who is studying psychology and French, is unable to move on her own and must communicate by typing on a computer. Nonetheless, she signed up to compete in the Great Buckeye Challenge, a relay triathlon held at Buck Creek State Park in Springfield, OH, according to the Dayton Daily News.

Using a specialiized personal floatation device for the swimming portions and a bike/cart for the biking and running portions, Zbrizher was able to complete the triathalon along with the assistance of firefighters Gene Thomas, Manuel “Manny” Neikov, and Courtney Harman.

“At the finish, about 100 yards away, we took her out and held her up to keep her upright, and she finished on her own,” said Thomas of finishing the triathlon with Zbrizher. “We saw this as her race; we were just her support team. We were so motivated by her.”

It’s wonderful to hear of Zbrizher’s accomplishment, she is yet another reminder of the things that can be accomplished by those with birth injuries if they get the proper care and treatment.

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