Aquatherapy can be a gentle but highly effective form of treatment for cerebral palsy (CP). Aquatherapy (also known as aquatic therapy, aqua therapy or water therapy) can help children with cerebral palsy go through a series of movements that can gently stretch the rigid muscles associated with the condition. Aquatherapy can relax and soften muscles in a way that other cerebral palsy treatments cannot. It’s also useful for speech therapy as it improves vocalization, respiratory function and motor skills.

Aquatherapy improves muscle tone and strength while increasing circulation, endurance flexibility, range of motion, balance and coordination, according to United Cerebral Palsy. The buoyancy of the water relieves pressure on the muscles and joints, while the gentle resistance helps to build or improve muscle tone. Aquatherapy is an excellent treatment for anyone living with cerebral palsy, especially children. This is because aquatherapy, especially if started early enough in the child’s life, can reduce the discomfort and deformities often associated with cerebral palsy leading to a more active, healthy and independent life.

Your child’s physical, occupational or speech therapist will design an individualized aquatherapy program for a range of outcomes. For a toddler with CP, the outcome might be to increase range of motion to prepare for sitting up or walking later on. For an older child, aquatherapy might center on strengthening muscles in a lower gravity environment. For adults with severe symptoms, aquatherapy might simply reduce discomfort and provide a way to increase activity.

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