Hippotherapy for cerebral palsy is a tool used by physical, occupational and speech therapists that uses the natural movement of horses as part of an integrated program to improve the comfort and mobility of people with cerebral palsy. The term comes from the Greek ‘hippos,’ which means horse. Hippotherapy for cerebral palsy (CP) can help relieve some of the symptoms of cerebral palsy, build torso muscle strength and control, and boost coordination.

Why do Hippotherapy for Cerebral Palsy?

CP is a condition (often related to a birth injury) that affects muscle control and movement. A compromised posture, tight muscles and restricted movement are common symptoms of cerebral palsy. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, people with cerebral palsy might not be able to walk, or walk with great difficulty or an abnormal gait. Since the gait of horses mimic that of humans, trying to maintain balance in response to a horse’s motion can tone, stretch and strengthen the same muscle group that the rider/patient would use in walking, sitting or even reaching on their own. For this reason hippotherapy for cerebral palsy can be an excellent treatment for kids with cerebral palsy.

Hippotherapy for cerebral palsy can also stimulate the senses as the rider responds to the smell, texture and sounds from the horse. Kids also can connect emotionally with the horse, creating a bond between the animal and rider that has immeasurable benefits. Like most forms of pet therapy, hippotherapy for cerebral palsy can increase attention span, memory and concentration.

Hippotherapy for cerebral palsy is also fun, an important consideration when selecting treatments for kids who sometimes need more motivation than something simply being good for them.

Cerebral Palsy Help

Cerebral palsy can sometimes be caused by improper or negligent medical care. If you think this may have happened in your case, call a nurse case manager at Sokolove Law today. A nurse case manager will be available to listen to your story and help you explore your options, which may include pursuing a birth injury lawsuit. There is no cost to you for us to represent you and your family in a birth injury lawsuit. Sokolove Law only gets paid if you receive money from your case. A birth injury lawsuit cannot only help pay for hippotherapy for cerebral palsy and other treatments, it may also help prevent similar situations from happening to other families. Call today.