Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Special Kids with Special Needs

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Looking to find just the right gift for a special child with special needs? Take a look at the options below – you’ll find squeal-inducing toys that are fun, age-appropriate, and perfectly suited to differently abled children.  We’ll be posting three separate articles, each of which will focus on a specific disability. Our first group of gift ideas in this three-part series centers on children with cerebral palsy. We’ve sorted the gift suggestions by age range to help educate as well as make your holiday shopping even easier.

Gifts for Children with Cerebral Palsy

There are many toys on the market well suited for children who may have difficulty controlling the movement of their arms and legs. While not designed specifically for kids with CP, the toys shown here are easy to grasp and manipulate regardless of the severity of a child’s symptoms.

1. Mortimer the Moose

Mortimer the Moose

Mortimer’s bright colors and variety of textures are sure to keep babies entertained. Teething babies will love the antlers, specially designed for chewing.

Ages: Birth through 12 months

2. My Friend Huggles® Doll

Huggles Dolls


Each life-size My Friend Huggles® dolls has a personality and style all its own. Easy to hold and hug, this doll can provide hours of companionship and creative play.

Ages: 3+ years

3. Chunky Duplo® Bricks

Duplo Bricks

Oversize bricks are easy to grasp and manipulate, and come in a variety of colors and shapes to indulge a child’s limitless imagination.

Ages: 18 months – 5 years

4. Infinite Loop

Infinite Loop

Using only small hand movements, a child can keep the ball moving along the track. This is a great toy for children with compromised motor systems, and can be enjoyed while seated in a wheelchair.

Ages: 3+ years

5. Emotions Putty™

Emotions Putty

Pull, twist, and shape this putty into an endless variety of color-changing forms. Calm Emotions Putty is soft and easy to manipulate, while Energizing Putty is firmer and has metallic sparkle.

Age: 3+ years

Make sure you check back tomorrow for our second post in this three-part series!



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