Birth Injury Justice Center Contributors

The Birth Injury Justice Center works to bring parents and caregivers the most relevant, accurate, and helpful information about birth injuries. We work with expert medical reviewers to fulfill this goal. Learn more about the medical experts and site contributors we work with below.

Medical Reviewer

The medical reviewer that appears on the Birth Injury Justice Center has made their professional career helping others. They have years or decades of experience in their chosen fields of study. Each reviewer follows the Birth Injury Justice Center’s strict reviewer guidelines to ensure the information on our site is factual and easy to understand.

Site Experts and Contributors

Each medical reviewer featured on our site was selected due to their strong backgrounds, experiences, and certifications.

Easily preventable birth injuries can lead to cerebral palsy or other disabilities. Families affected by birth injuries deserve accurate and helpful information when navigating life after a diagnosis.

Thanks to our top medical reviewer, families can get these facts from the Birth Injury Justice Center.

Reviewer Principles

Our contributing medical expert maintains the following principles when writing, reviewing, and editing content. Each page they review will be of the same quality as a result.

These principles include:

  • Experience: The medical expert that reviews our content has years (or even decades) of real-life experience assisting patients in their field.
  • Helpfulness: With their experiences helping others in mind, our medical reviewer strives to keep the content easy to read so it benefits as many people as possible.
  • Truthfulness: The Birth Injury Justice Center team works tirelessly to keep our content error-free and impartial. Medical reviewers allow us to correct any possible errors so parents and families have confidence in what they are reading.