Spinal Cord Birth Injury

The news that a baby has been born with a birth injury can be devastating for a parent. A Spinal cord injury is a birth injury that can happen in babies during the birthing process.

Symptoms of spinal cord injury can include lack of feeling and muscle control, which results in floppy limbs. Severe symptoms of spinal cord injury include paralysis. There are two levels of spinal cord injury:

  1. Complete. If there is no feeling and ability to control movement below the affected area, it is a complete injury.
  2. Incomplete. If there is some feeling below the affected area, the spinal cord injury is considered incomplete.

Symptoms of spinal cord injury can resemble those of cerebral palsy, which is a movement disorder caused by a birth injury that damages the brain. It is for this reason that spinal cord injury is sometimes misdiagnosed as a form of cerebral palsy. The good news is that while this type of injury can’t be cured, it can be treated. The developing nerve cells in babies may possibly recover some function for the growing child.

Sometimes the cause of a spinal cord injury is not immediately clear. But there are cases of spinal cord injury that have been caused by medical negligence.

Was your child’s birth injury caused by medical negligence?

Tragically, improper care by trusted physicians or other medical professionals can cause a birth injuries. A birth injury lawsuit can help you uncover the truth about your child’s injury. Monetary compensation from a lawsuit can also help pay for much—needed medical expenses and possibly prevent a similar tragedy from happening to another child.

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