Bath Chairs

Children with cerebral palsy (CP) may have trouble sitting upright in the bath or standing in the shower. The symptoms of CP may also make it difficult for a child to sit in chairs that do not have neck, back and arm supports. Parents and caretakers find bath chairs for cerebral palsy children an effective solution to this challenge.

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a term used to describe a group of disorders that affect movement and coordination. It’s caused by lack of oxygen to the brain, which leads to brain damage. These types of birth injuries are often caused by medical negligence or improper medical care.

Types of Bath Chairs for Cerebral Palsy

Most infants, toddlers and children with CP find it difficult to lay with the legs straight out or to sit upright in an unsupportive chair. This is why there are so many bath chairs for cerebral palsy children. Some varieties include:

  • Bath overlays – Removable trays that sit across the rim of a standard sized tub. The overlay is placed under the faucet and the water drains into the tub below.
  • Bath lifts and hoists – A small range of manual lifts that offer children support in a reclined or semi-reclined position.
  • Adjustable height baths – Bath seats with either mechanical or electric adjustments to higher or lower the bath.
  • Bath boards and seats – Spanning the rim of the bath with a platform, this bath seat provides grab rails as secure handholds for transferring children in and out of the tub.

Selecting Adaptive Equipment

Adaptive equipment like bath chairs can help kids gain more independence. There are many different kinds of bath chairs for cerebral palsy children. When shopping for a bath chair, consider:

  • The size of the child
  • The size of the tub or bath basin
  • How much support the child needs, such as head support
  • Whether adjustable straps and belts are necessary for moving limbs

If you have a child with cerebral palsy (CP), you know the challenges involved. Bath chairs for cerebral palsy children make homes more accessible. Specialized equipment is often required for people with CP to perform ordinary daily activities.

Costs of Living With CP

Adaptive equipment like bath chairs for cerebral palsy children can be very costly, especially over the course of a lifetime. Call a nurse case manager at Sokolove Law today and discuss your options. Our experienced legal team includes professionally trained nurses and experienced attorneys to help get you the answers and compensation you need and deserve.