Cerebral Palsy Treatment Centers and Support Organizations

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Cerebral palsy clinics and facilities are essential for providing necessary treatments and therapies to people with cerebral palsy to improve their quality of life. With locations across the country, specialized cerebral palsy clinics near you are available to help.

Why Seek Specialized Care for Cerebral Palsy?

While there is no cure for cerebral palsy (CP), treatment options continue to evolve. Thanks to better therapies, medications, and increased awareness around the condition, life with CP is becoming more manageable.

This is especially true because of specialized cerebral palsy support, including treatment centers, daycare facilities, and nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping people with movement disorders. 

Additionally, ongoing cerebral palsy clinical trials may offer new hope to individuals with CP and their families.

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Visit the Cerebral Palsy Foundation website to see a list of current cerebral palsy clinical trials.

Specialized cerebral palsy care allows individuals with CP to live more comfortable and independent lives. Learn about top cerebral palsy treatment centers and support facilities below.

Top Cerebral Palsy Treatment Centers

Cerebral palsy treatment centers specialize in providing all aspects of medical care for children, teenagers, and young adults living with CP. A cerebral palsy treatment center can be a stand-alone facility or a unit within a hospital.

Cerebral palsy treatment centers offer comprehensive programs and support, including:

  • Corrective and orthopedic surgeries such as selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR), which permanently reduces muscle tightness in the legs
  • Intrathecal baclofen (muscle relaxant) pump management
  • Medical muscle tone management, such as botulinum toxin (Botox®) injections and anti-spasticity medications
  • Movement and gait analysis
  • Speech, physical, and occupational therapies
  • Splints, braces, and other supportive devices
  • Sports and recreation programs

Whether large or small, CP treatment centers can provide a wide range of services for children and young adults living with cerebral palsy.

Here are some of the best CP centers across the country.

Boston, Massachusets

“Our clinicians have extensive experience in treating the full spectrum of cerebral palsy — from children with limited effects of the disorder to those with multiple complex medical issues.”

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Denver, Colorado

“Our experts help with ongoing management and evaluation of concerns related to comfort, seating and mobility, tone management and daily activities. We also make recommendations for surgery and medical management.”

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Los Angeles, California

“Our orthopedic specialists have decades of experience treating children who have cerebral palsy. We see thousands of children with neuromuscular disorders every year, which gives us exceptional expertise.”

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“The Cerebral Palsy Program is the only pediatric interdisciplinary cerebral palsy program in Philadelphia, providing evaluations for more than 500 patients per year. We offer many therapies and interventions that can improve the function of children with this condition.”

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Baltimore, Maryland

“At the Cerebral Palsy Clinic, your child will benefit from the combined insights of neurosurgeons, neurologists, occupational therapists, and other specialists, who review your child’s unique needs and develop a personalized treatment plan.”

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Columbus, Ohio

“During your clinic visit, the team collaborates with the parent and begins the process of constructing a family-centered patient care plan. Nursing and Social Work care coordinators complete the care plans and send them to your family, PCP, and other relevant agencies.”

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St. Louis, Missouri

“We treat infants, children, and adolescents with a comprehensive and compassionate focus on your child’s total well-being. Our Cerebral Palsy Center is internationally recognized and provides a wide range of non-invasive and surgical options for cerebral palsy.”

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Seattle, Washington

“Seattle Children’s takes an active approach to caring for children with cerebral palsy (CP), so they can be as healthy and functional as possible. Our program includes experts in every field your child might need, working together on a personalized care plan for your child.”

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San Diego, California

“As each patient has unique needs based on his or her diagnosis, we are committed to understanding these needs and working with patients and their families to provide the most personalized and advanced care.”

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Houston, Texas

“The Cerebral Palsy Clinic at Texas Children’s Hospital provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment for children with cerebral palsy and related conditions. Our clinic also works closely with Texas Children’s Neurosurgery and Orthopedics services.”

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“The focus of our team is to evaluate the child and work with the family in order to develop medical, surgical/procedural, and therapeutic plans to maximize each child’s functional abilities. Our key team objective is to provide comprehensive, family centered, coordinated care.”

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Cerebral Palsy Daycare

Cerebral palsy daycares are specialized environments outside of the home that are designed to meet the needs of children and young adults with CP. While in daycare, individuals with cerebral palsy can socialize with their peers and practice skills to help them gain more independence.

Cerebral palsy daycares are also vital for caregivers, giving them a chance to rest and recharge. According to the Americans with Disabilities Acts (ADA), all daycare centers are required to make every effort to accommodate the needs of children with special needs.

Still, parents of children who have been with CP should look for a daycare with the right staff, equipment, and environment to help their child succeed.

Look for these characteristics when choosing a daycare facility:

  • Adaptive equipment
  • Barrier-free environments
  • Certified and trained staff
  • High standards of care
  • Low caregiver-to-child ratio

How to Find a Cerebral Palsy Daycare Center Near You

Finding the right cerebral palsy daycare for your child may seem like an overwhelming task. Talk with your child’s pediatrician about where you should begin your search for top-quality cerebral palsy daycare.

Make sure you are comfortable with the program or care provider you hire. Coming up with a list of standard questions and conducting interviews with multiple providers can be a highly effective way to make a final decision.

Cerebral Palsy Support Organizations

Most states have a cerebral palsy association or society. These organizations offer free resources, information, and support for families with cerebral palsy. They may be able to help your family network with other families affected by cerebral palsy.

In addition to local associations, national cerebral palsy associations help increase awareness and connect struggling families with useful resources. The following organizations offer invaluable support to families of individuals with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR)

The Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR) is funded by the U.S. Department of Education (ED). It is designed to be a central hub for information geared toward increasing knowledge about special education.

CPIR has nearly 100 Parent Training and Information Centers (PTIs) and Community Parent Resource Centers (CPRCs) across the country. PTIs work with families of children with disabilities on effective education and development.

Cerebral Palsy Guide (CPG)

Cerebral Palsy Guide (CPG) provides free educational materials, financial resources, and support options for families affected by CP and other birth injuries.

Cerebral Palsy Research Network (CPRN)

CP Research Network (CPRN) focuses on optimizing the lifelong health and wellness of people with CP and their families through high-quality research, education, and community programming.

Subscribe to CPRN’s free Cerebral Palsy Toolkit.

Parent to Parent USA (P2P USA)

The mission of Parent to Parent USA (P2P USA) is to ensure families of individuals with special health care needs get quality emotional support. According to P2P USA, “No parent should feel alone. Ever.” There are 37 member organizations nationwide.

United Cerebral Palsy (UCP)

United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) is a national organization dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities, including CP. It is one of the largest health nonprofits in the country.

The mission of UCP is “To be the indispensable resource for individuals with cerebral palsy and other disabilities, their families, and their communities.”

UCP provides families with resources to secure assistive technology, understand laws and advocacy, locate caregiving options, and access ongoing support.

Seeking Dedicated Cerebral Palsy Support

Dedicated CP programs and resources provide much-needed support for children and adults with cerebral palsy. This includes services like physical therapy, job training, family counseling, and much more.

Sometimes a cerebral palsy organization will even offer small business training and other highly specialized training for adults with cerebral palsy.

Most cerebral palsy organizations strive to help those living with the condition become more active, independent, and healthy members of their communities.

Getting connected with the best treatment and support services can make all the difference for families of individuals with CP.

Birth Injury Support Team

The Birth Injury Justice Center was founded in 2003 by a team of legal professionals to educate and empower victims and families affected by birth injuries. Our team is devoted to providing you with the best resources and legal information for all types of birth injuries.

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