Birth Injury Recreational Activities

What are Birth Injury Recreational Activities?

Recreational activities can be fun and beneficial for kids with cerebral palsy. There are several games, exercises and learning activities that will provide mental benefits, educational opportunities and stress relief for both you and your child.

While there is no cure for cerebral palsy, kids with the condition can still lead active, healthy and productive lives. Therapeutic cerebral palsy activities are both fun and beneficial.

Kids with cerebral palsy can do many of the same activities as other kids, but with modifications.

Some good cerebral palsy activities include:

  • Aquatherapy: What child doesn’t love splashing in the water? Water play is a very beneficial therapy for kids with limited mobility or speech delays and feeding issues. Aquatherapy lets kids with CP perform movements they would not normally be able to on land. Water also alleviates pressure on joints and muscles, and improves respiratory ability.
  • Reading: Reading can be a gentle and simple way to flood a child with CP with language and stories. No matter what the child’s developmental level is, reading can help your child with speech by naming objects in the book and practicing sounds as well as providing a wonderful bonding opportunity.
  • Cerebral Palsy Toys: Playing with toys is a great way to improve sensory development and build motor skills. You can use regular toys or those specially adapted to the needs of kids with CP.
  • Outdoor Cerebral Palsy Activities: No matter how limited a child’s mobility, outdoor activities such as going to the zoo, a park, or the beach helps with sensory development and can also help your child meet new friends.

Cerebral Palsy Sports

Kids with cerebral palsy can do many of the same sports as their peers. Modifications might be needed depending on how severe their symptoms are.

Kids with CP have a difficult time controlling their muscles. This means that they might not be able to walk, talk or play sports the same way other kids do. Cerebral palsy sports are simply traditional sports or games changed to fit the special abilities of individuals with CP.

Why should kids with cerebral palsy take part in sports?

  • They’re fun!
  • Any movement, especially through sports, is highly therapeutic.
  • They can help kids with balance and coordination.

Kids with CP have many more opportunities to play sports today than just a few years ago. Specialized sports organizations can be found in many areas of the country, giving access to kids of all abilities.

One good place to start if you are looking for cerebral palsy sports organizations is CPISRA (Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association). They have information on cerebral palsy sports all over the world.

Cerebral palsy sports can include:

  • Football
  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Gymnastics

Camps for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Camps that specialize in children with cerebral palsy and similar conditions are a great way for kids to become more independent, make friends and be more active with their peers. Camps can range from a place to play sports and games to  facilities that offer specialized therapy.

Such camps can serve as an important transition for kids with CP. Like regular summer camps, cerebral palsy camps can help kids gain independence and learn to work in groups to accomplish tasks. These facilities may include both day camp or sleepover camp.

There are cerebral palsy camps all over the country, each with their own specialties.

Here are just a few:

  • Camp Independence: the only sports camp in the country with a focus on cerebral palsy
  • Camp Ability: offers conductive education and oxygen therapy
  • Shady Oaks Camp: offers a range of outdoor activities also lists several other camps for kids with cerebral palsy. You can find them by searching for “cerebral palsy” in the keyword section. This tool can help you find a camp close to you.

Cerebral Palsy Toys

Cerebral palsy toys can greatly help improve your child’s cerebral palsy symptoms, as many of them reinforce movements taught in therapy sessions.

There are some simple guidelines to follow when selecting cerebral palsy toys for your child. Cerebral palsy toys are not a one-size-fits-all solution. A cerebral palsy toy that is therapeutic for one child might be frustrating for another child with different abilities.

To find out which cerebral palsy toys are best, take your child to an occupational therapist. Find one who is skilled at working with kids with cerebral palsy. The therapist can work with your child to find out his or her interests, capabilities and challenges. Then, the therapist can recommend which cerebral palsy toys are best suited to your child’s needs.

Cerebral palsy toys can include:

  • Blocks
  • Balls of various sizes and textures
  • Push and pull games
  • Puzzles with large pieces
  • Specially designed video games
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