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Birth injuries can be devastating, leaving families responsible for unexpected treatment costs that they may not be able to afford. Many birth injuries could have been prevented if a doctor or nurse had followed the appropriate standard of care. Wyoming birth injury lawyers can help affected families hold medical professionals accountable for their negligence and seek compensation for medical expenses. Learn how a Wyoming birth injury attorney may be able to help your family.

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Working With a Wyoming Birth Injury Lawyer

Even though many birth injuries occur because of a health care professional’s mistake, the treatment costs still fall on the family’s shoulders. Birth injuries can lead to long-term health conditions and disabilities that generate expensive medical bills. Sadly, many families don’t have the means to get their children the medical care they deserve.

A city street in WyomingWyoming birth injury lawyers can help hold medical professionals accountable while fighting for maximum compensation for the family. A birth injury lawyer is a type of personal injury attorney who specializes in injuries a child sustains before, during, or shortly after childbirth. They can file a lawsuit, negotiate a settlement, and represent the family in court, if necessary.

Birth injuries such as brain injuries can lead to serious health conditions like cerebral palsy. In 2003, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that it costs about $1 million to care for a person with cerebral palsy over the course of their life. This amount is closer to $1.6 million when adjusted for inflation in 2023.

Our partner birth injury law firm has recovered more than $862 million for families nationwide, including those in Wyoming. If your child suffered a preventable injury due to medical negligence, they may be able to help you and your family, too.

Our partner birth injury law firm can represent Wyoming families in:

  • Casper
  • Cheyenne
  • Cody
  • Evanston
  • Gillette
  • Green River
  • Jackson
  • Lander
  • Laramie
  • Rawlins
  • Riverton
  • Rock Springs
  • Sheridan
  • Other Wyoming cities

If you believe your child suffered a serious injury because of a preventable medical mistake, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit and recover financial compensation. Speak with one of our registered nurses today to learn more.

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Birth Injuries and Medical Negligence

When a health care provider’s medical error causes a birth injury, it is often considered medical negligence.

Doctors, nurses, or other staff may be at fault for medical negligence if they:

  • Don’t detect or respond to signs of fetal distress
  • Fail to detect or respond to signs of a lack of oxygen (hypoxia)
  • Improperly use vacuum extractors, forceps, or other assistive delivery tools
  • Neglect to promptly perform a C-section (Cesarean section)
  • Use excessive force when guiding a child out of the birth canal

A Wyoming birth injury lawyer can help families of children who have suffered a birth injury by walking them through the legal process from start to finish.

Types of Cases Wyoming Birth Injury Attorneys Handle

Preventable birth injuries are often a result of medical malpractice, and yet the unexpected treatment costs become the family’s burden.

Wyoming birth injury lawyers handle many types of cases, including:

A skilled Wyoming birth injury lawyer will build the strongest case possible and fight for the child’s loved ones to get maximum compensation for their medical malpractice claim.

If you believe a medical professional’s mistake harmed your child, a Wyoming birth injury attorney may be able to help you pursue compensation. Call us today at (800) 914-1562 to learn more about your legal options.

Notable Birth Injury Settlements and Verdicts in Wyoming

A birth injury case can end in either a verdict or settlement. However, according to Black’s Law Dictionary, about 95% of cases are settled in an out-of-court settlement.

In a birth injury settlement, the medical professional and/or hospital (defendant) agree to pay a certain amount of money to the family of the injured child (plaintiff).

If the two sides cannot reach an agreement and the case goes to trial, your Wyoming birth injury lawyer will represent the family in court. If the attorney proves that the child’s birth injury was preventable and caused by medical negligence, the defendants will be ordered to pay the family a specific amount of compensation.

The value of a birth injury case varies based on the birth injury type, the severity of the injury, and the expected treatment costs throughout the child’s life. Many birth injury cases settle for millions of dollars.

An experienced Wyoming birth injury attorney can help determine how much your case may be worth.

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When to File a Birth Injury Lawsuit in Wyoming

You only have a certain amount of time to take legal action after a birth injury. The length of that window of time is determined by the statute of limitations, which varies from state to state. For that reason, it is critical to work with a Wyoming birth injury lawyer with years of experience working within these deadlines.

  • 2 Years

    WY Statute of Limitations for Birth Injuries

  • 2 Years

    WY Statute of Limitations for Infant Wrongful Death

If you believe your child was harmed by medical negligence, speak with a Wyoming birth injury attorney as soon as you can — even if your child hasn’t been formally diagnosed with a birth injury.

Your attorney can ensure that your lawsuit is filed before the statute of limitations expires, so you don’t miss out on your chance to pursue compensation.

Connect With a Wyoming Birth Injury Lawyer

A small statue of Lady Liberty sitting on a deskA birth injury can be emotionally and financially devastating for families. However, a Wisconsin birth injury lawyer can provide emotional support and fight for compensation to pay for medications, hospital stays, medical equipment, and other treatment costs.

Doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals are held to a high standard of care and should be held liable for their mistakes. You can help hold them accountable — and prevent other children from being harmed — by working with a birth injury lawyer to file a lawsuit.

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Wyoming Birth Injury Lawyer FAQs

What is the statute of limitations on birth injury claims in Wyoming?

According to Wyoming law, the statute of limitations for both birth injury claims and infant wrongful death claims is 2 years. If you miss that deadline, your family will lose its opportunity to take legal action.

It’s best to reach out to a Wyoming birth injury lawyer as soon if you suspect medical malpractice led to your child’s birth injury. Call us today at (800) 914-1562 to see if a Wyoming birth injury attorney can help your family file a lawsuit and seek compensation.

How much do Wyoming birth injury lawyers cost?

Our network of Wyoming birth injury lawyers works on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no upfront or out-of-pocket fees.

If your attorney successfully resolves your dispute and recovers money for you, the fees will come out of the settlement or trial verdict award. If they don’t win the case, you owe nothing.

How do I know if my child’s birth injury was caused by medical negligence?

The best way to find out if your child’s injury was caused by medical negligence is to work with a Wyoming birth injury lawyer. Your lawyer can assemble a legal team with the skills and resources to determine if medical negligence played a role in your child’s injury.

Get a free case review today to find out if your family is eligible to file a medical negligence lawsuit and seek compensation.

Birth Injury Support Team

The Birth Injury Justice Center was founded in 2003 by a team of legal professionals to educate and empower victims and families affected by birth injuries. Our team is devoted to providing you with the best resources and legal information for all types of birth injuries.

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