Michigan Family Awarded $120 Million in Birth Injury Lawsuit Verdict

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In March 2024, a Michigan family was awarded a landmark $120 million verdict in a birth injury lawsuit. The compensation is for K’Jon, a boy who suffered severe brain damage and complications at birth 13 years ago due to medical negligence.

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About the Child’s Birth Injury Case

K’Jon was born at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit in 2011. The heart of the case lies in what was described as a critical delay in K’Jon’s delivery via cesarean section (C-section).

A detailed 2-year investigation revealed that medical staff knew of K’Jon’s “non-reassuring” heart rate — a clear indicator of distress and insufficient oxygen supply — yet they delayed performing a C-section.

This delay caused serious brain damage and lasting health conditions, including:

As a result, K’Jon can’t walk, speak, eat, or do any other everyday tasks without assistance.

“It makes me sad and angry because … if they had delivered him in time, then he might be a normal 13-year-old. He might be riding a bike or playing games with his friends or playing video games or, you know, an average 13-year-old, but he’s not.”

– K’Jon’s Grandmother and Caregiver

After his birth, his family sought answers for this medical malpractice with legal help. They first filed a lawsuit against Henry Ford Health and its medical staff in 2020.

It has been a long fight, but now the family can use the $120 million birth injury case verdict to afford the care he needs. For many families, compensation awarded in birth injury settlements and trial verdicts can be the lifeline they need to provide their child with the brightest future possible.

The Birth Injury Complications and the Need for Round-the-Clock Care

K’Jon’s grandmother, Kim, has acted as his primary caregiver since his birth. However, she is coming to terms with the possibility that she may not be able to continue in this role as he grows older. Because of how severe his cerebral palsy is, K’Jon must use a feeding tube.

However, using a feeding tube puts him at risk of several life-threatening complications, including:

  • Aspiration, or inhaling food or fluids
  • Dehydration, malnutrition, and other feeding tube difficulties
  • Infection of small tubes used to drain fluid from the brain

These complications mean K’Jon will need expert round-the-clock medical care for the rest of his life. The compensation awarded to his family means they can afford the care he needs and also get adaptive equipment so he can not only survive but thrive despite his condition.

“He’s a beautiful child. He has a beautiful spirit. He was meant to be in this world and he’s here for a reason.”

– K’Jon’s Grandmother

A Family’s Continued Fight for Birth Injury Justice

Henry Ford Health signaled its intention to appeal, stating the verdict is inconsistent with what the hospital believes are the facts of the case. This stance has added to the family’s distress.

“I really hope [the hospital] won’t drag this out unnecessarily because this young man needs the dollars from that verdict to protect his life.”

Birth injury lawyers representing K’Jon’s family

If the verdict is upheld, K’Jon’s grandmother and mother see it as a resolution to years of anguish and unanswered questions. Thanks to the jury’s decision, they feel they can provide a life for K’Jon that, while forever altered, can now be supported with the care and resources he needs.

Get Help With Your Child’s Birth Injury

K’Jon’s story is an important reminder of the stakes involved in health care and the devastating impact of delays and misjudgments in a setting where every second counts.

The Birth Injury Justice Center has seen how medical malpractice can devastate families across the nation. For this reason, our team is standing by to help connect people with the help they need.

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