Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Special Kids with Special Needs

Looking to find just the right gift for a special child with special needs? Take a look at the options below – you’ll find squeal-inducing toys that are fun, age-appropriate, and perfectly suited to differently abled children.  We’ll be posting three separate articles, each of which will focus on a specific disability. Our first group…

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Special Gifts For Special Kids: A Cerebral Palsy and Erb’s Palsy Toy Guide

Looking for the best toy ever for your child? One that is safe and fun? We know that there are unique challenges for kids living with cerebral palsy and other birth injuries. Thankfully, there are gifts that may help these kids have a healthy, happy holiday. We proudly present our “Toy Guide for Children with Cerebral…

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Actress Discusses Son’s Cerebral Palsy

Despite her initial shock after learning that her newborn son had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, actress Laura San Giacomo is now trying to spread the word to new parents that many of the old stigmas surrounding the birth injury are nothing more than outdated misconceptions. During an interview to promote her new Lifetime movie Tall…

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