Cerebral palsy Botox® treatment is an effective treatment for spasticity, a common symptom of cerebral palsy (CP). Muscles affected by spasticity become rigid. This might lead to pain, deformity and the inability to complete many day-to-day tasks. Cerebral palsy Botox® treatment works by temporarily blocking the connections between the nerves and muscles. This results in the spastic muscles being temporarily paralyzed. This results in the relaxation of the contracted muscles.

In 2010, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Botox (onabotulinumtoxin A) to treat spasticity in the flexor muscles of the elbows, wrists, and fingers of adults. Cerebral palsy Botox® treatment is also being used successfully on children. Many parents and caregivers are finding that cerebral palsy Botox® treatment is very effective for kids with cerebral palsy. Be sure to talk to your doctor before beginning any treatment with this drug.

Cerebral Palsy Botox Warnings

While the positive effects of cerebral palsy Botox® treatment are enormously beneficial for kids and adults, there are some warnings that come with its use. Some of the most common side effects of cerebral palsy Botox® treatments include nausea, fatigue, bronchitis, muscle weakness and pain in the arms at the injection site. Cerebral palsy Botox® treatment is meant to complement, not replace physical therapy and other rehabilitative care. Botox has a “Boxed Warning” that states the effects of the botulinum toxin could spread from where it is injected to other areas of the body. This can cause symptoms that include difficulty swallowing and breathing difficulties that could be potentially life threatening.

In addition to cerebral palsy Botox® treatment, there are other treatments for the symptoms of spasticity, such as medications and physical therapy. Talk to your child’s doctors and physical therapist to find what treatment options will work best.

Birth Injury Lawsuit

Cerebral palsy can sometimes be caused by medical negligence or improper medical care during pregnancy, labor and delivery or shortly after birth. If you think this may have happened in your case, call a nurse case manager at Sokolove Law today. A nurse case manager will be available to listen to your story and help you explore options, which may include pursuing a lawsuit. There is no cost to you for us to represent you and your family in a birth injury lawsuit. Sokolove Law only gets paid if you receive money from your case.

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