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Three kids surf in the ocean

Surf Therapy May Have Health Benefits for Kids With Cerebral Palsy

If your child with cerebral palsy is growing tired of traditional physical therapy, there are some new options that are proving beneficial for rehabilitation, mobility, and fitness. According to new research, surf therapy for cerebral palsy is just one of the latest therapy options. Children with cerebral palsy may suffer from many mobility issues, which…

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Outdoor Activities for Cerebral Palsy

5 Outdoor Activities for Kids With Cerebral Palsy

Growing up with cerebral palsy can have many unique challenges, but that doesn’t mean children can’t enjoy a full and fun-filled life. There are many different activities parents and caregivers can do with kids outdoors to help them with their treatment of cerebral palsy symptoms and to keep them active, well and happy. Importance of…

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At-Home Activities for Kids With Cerebral Palsy

When parents are actively involved in their children’s development, it helps their kids develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. And, there are so many things that parents of children with cerebral palsy (CP) can do at home with their kids to foster their children’s independence and physical development. Top Activities Parents Can Do at Home…

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Encouraging Teens with Cerebral Palsy to Engage in Beneficial Exercise

Due to limited mobility, teens with cerebral palsy (CP) often lead sedentary lives. This inactivity increases their risk of lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disorders and diabetes. Although people with CP face some barriers to physical activity, the mental and physical health benefits of exercise for teens with cerebral palsy far outweigh the challenges involved.…

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