Tag: Shifting the Perspective on Disability

Normalizing Cerebral Palsy: Bodi’s Story

While children with cerebral palsy may face physical and emotional challenges, their differences do not make them less human than any of us. No one exemplifies this lesson better than Bodi Ealey. A Mother’s Love Bodi — who was born with cerebral palsy and later died in a care facility — was dutifully cared for by…

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Nike Designs Special Shoe for Teen With Cerebral Palsy

Matthew Walzer, a 16-year-old with cerebral palsy, wrote a heartfelt letter to Nike about the struggles he faces trying to tie his shoes. The company responded by inviting him into the design process to create a shoe that would help him and others be more independent. Like many teenagers, Matthew Walzer dreams of going to…

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Successful Comedian With Cerebral Palsy is Shifting Perspectives on Disability

Josh Blue, a comedian with cerebral palsy (CP), is changing the way people perceive disabilities. He never let his disability stop him. Now, he’s empowering others with CP to chase their dreams and overcome the idea that they are limited in any way. Becoming a Comedian With Cerebral Palsy Cerebral palsy is a disorder that…

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