Nike Designs Special Shoe for Teen With Cerebral Palsy

Matthew Walzer, a 16-year-old with cerebral palsy, wrote a heartfelt letter to Nike about the struggles he faces trying to tie his shoes. The company responded by inviting him into the design process to create a shoe that would help him and others be more independent. Like many teenagers, Matthew Walzer dreams of going to…

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Virtual Reality Therapy May Help Motor Function in Kids With Cerebral Palsy

Children with cerebral palsy suffer from limited motor function and mobility issues, but technology and therapy can be combined with virtual reality therapy to help kids develop their mobility. Children with cerebral palsy struggle to control their movements because they experienced a brain injury at or around birth that affected their nervous system and muscle…

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What Expectant Mothers Need to Know About Preventing Birth Injuries

There are many different ways expectant mothers can help ensure their baby’s health throughout the pregnancy—eating healthy, exercising and knowing the right questions to ask your doctor. 6 Ways to Keep Your Baby Healthy During Pregnancy In a perfect world, one item that would never need to be on the list of things expectant mothers…

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Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis Guide for Parents

What to Know About Cerebral Palsy if Your Child Has Been Diagnosed

Finally learning the answers to your questions about your child’s condition can bring up a variety of emotions. However, the diagnosis is only the beginning of your journey. Now that you have confirmed a cerebral palsy diagnosis in your child, there are several things you need to know. 5 Things Parents Should Know About a…

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Outdoor Activities for Cerebral Palsy

5 Outdoor Activities for Kids With Cerebral Palsy

Growing up with cerebral palsy can have many unique challenges, but that doesn’t mean children can’t enjoy a full and fun-filled life. There are many different activities parents and caregivers can do with kids outdoors to help them with their treatment of cerebral palsy symptoms and to keep them active, well and happy. Importance of…

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