Birth Injury Information

Every parent looks forward to their child being born healthy and without complications. Unfortunately, serious birth injuries do happen. Many of these injuries can lead to permanent intellectual and/or physical disabilities. And many of these birth injuries are preventable, caused by improper or negligent care at the hands of a health care provider. If you need birth injury information to help you learn more about pursuing legal action, call Sokolove Law.

Birth injury information can include:

  • How medical negligence could have caused the injury
  • How to file a birth injury lawsuit or claim
  • Who you can file a lawsuit against
  • How long you have to start legal action after your child’s birth
  • And much more

Sokolove Law has over 30 years of experience in successfully helping families affected by medical negligence or improper medical care that results in a birth injury. Our team of highly trained nurse case managers is available seven days a week to provide you with birth injury information and help to answer your questions.

Call a Nurse Case Manager

When you call, you will have the opportunity to speak with a nurse case manager. A nurse case manager will take down all the medical information about your case, and forward this information on to our legal team for review.

A birth injury lawsuit can provide the monetary compensation you need in order to care for your special needs child, as well as help prevent a similar injury from happening to another child.

There is no cost to you for the initial birth injury information from your nurse case manager or for us to represent you and your family in a birth injury lawsuit. Sokolove Law only gets paid if you receive money from your case.